Digital Underwater Photographer

About the Course

During the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course, you’ll learn how to take underwater photos you’ll be proud to share with others. 

Avoid beginner mistakes and shorten the learning curve with tips from the pros. Learn how to use underwater photography lights (strobes), avoid backscatter and enhance colour.

Take This Course If You Want to
Learn How to
  • Share your scuba adventures
  • Reduce backscatter
  • Use your action camera underwater
  • Use underwater strobes
  • Photograph marine life
  • Choose photo equipment

How to Take Great Underwater Photos

You could spend hours learning underwater photography through trial and error, or you can take a shortcut. Learn professional tricks and tips for taking great photos underwater and the best way to capture video while scuba diving with a GoPro (or other action cameras).
Independent Study

PADI eLearning

PADI eLearning makes it easy to learn underwater photography fundamentals. Learn about composition, shooting angles, lighting, and photographer etiquette.

Study at your own pace, online or offline, using a computer or mobile device. Connect with your instructor for in-water training, or whenever you have a question.

  • eLearning time commitment: 2-4 hours
At The Dive Shop

With Your Instructor

During two dives you’ll get hands-on experience taking photos with a compact camera or action camera (use your own or ask about our rental equipment). You’ll use the SEA (Shoot, Examine, Adjust) method for getting great shots.
  • Total time commitment: 2 days

Prerequisites & Minimum Age

Minimum Age: 10

Course prerequisites: (Jr.) Open Water Diver or equivalent entry-level certification

Other Costs & Equipment

This course requires both knowledge development and in-water training for certification.

Beyond basic scuba equipment, you'll need a digital underwater camera and a computer or other device for downloading and viewing your images. It’s best to use your own camera, strobes, etc. during the course so you can become familiar with how they work. But, we do offer you a camera and housing to use for the duration of the course. This is helpful if you want to see what it's all about before purchasing your own underwater photography gear.

Time Commitment

PADI eLearning: 2-4 hours

Entire course: 2 days

Course Location

The course is presented at Just Africa Scuba Dive Centre in Gordon's Bay, Cape Town.

After this course

The first dive of the Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty course may count toward your Advanced Open Water Diver certification – ask your instructor about earning credit.

Every PADI Specialty certification you earn gets you one step closer to achieving the elite Master Scuba Diver rating.


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Dive Schedule - False Bay

Dive Schedule - False Bay

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Special Dive - False Bay

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PADI Digital Underwater Photography Course

PADI Digital Underwater Photography Course

PADI Specialty Certification Course - Reduce Backscatter, Use an action camera underwater, Use underwater strobes, and Photographing marine life, Choosing photo equipment. Includes 2 dives!
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